Truro City Council has made the 'hard' decision to close all public toilets in the city after a member of its cleaning team was assaulted by a member of the public whilst doing their job.

The council said the attack was "completely unacceptable" and they had decided to close all the city centre toilets temporarily while it decided what to do.

It said its priority remained the welfare of its staff, residents and visitors to Truro.

During the lockdown Truro City Council took the decision to keep the public conveniences open on the Green (bus station), The Leats, Boscawen Park and Victoria Gardens, to ensure delivery drivers, key workers and others caught-short had somewhere to spend a penny. They are now all closed.

At the time Coun Bert Biscoe said: "It’s like a lot of things – easy to shut, complicated to reopen. Many thanks to our staff who manage, clean and maintain our toilets – an arduous and sometimes risky job undertaken by a dedicated crew who take pride in their work."

The cleaning team of Billy, Danny and Steve were praised at the time for their uninterrupted lockdown service saying the whole team was a credit to Truro City Council and our community.

Posting on Facebook yesterday Truro City Council said: "Yesterday a member of the Truro City Council toilet cleaning team was assaulted in the course of doing their job.

This is completely unacceptable and therefore we have taken the hard decision to temporarily close the town centre toilets from 2pm today (Saturday, Feb 20).

"We will be reviewing our working practices and speaking to other organisations to find a solution to reopen them safely a soon as possible.

"Truro City Councils priority remains to the welfare of their staff, residents and visitors to Truro."