'OVERWHELMING' opposition has led to a proposal to create a shared use cycleway through a much loved wildlife woodland being thrown out.

Cormac Solutions, on behalf of Cornwall Council, had proposed to widen part of the footpath network through Tregoniggie Woodland and convert it to a shared use path for use by pedestrians and cyclists as part of the emerging walking and cycling network for Falmouth.

There were also planning changes to the entrances to the woodland to facilitate safe use by pedestrians and cyclists with signs put up to 'reflect the semi rural nature of the area'.

But a virtual meeting last week it was decided to withdraw the proposal after 'overwhelming' public opposition led by the Friends of Tregoniggie Woods.

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Cornwall Councillor David Saunby attended the meeting along with Coun Alan Jewell and Cormac officials to discuss the outcome of the consultation.

"I am happy that the result went in favour of those opposing the shared use cycle scheme," said Mr Saunby. "There were 87 against, and only nine in support.

"The result was overwhelming, so there was no option but to withdraw the shared use cycle scheme from the table."

"I am very happy as the Cornwall and town councillor for Trescobeas in which the Tregoniggie Woods sits, that Cormac has taken notice of the consultation, and withdrawn its plans.

"I did say several times during the meeting that even though the woods are Cornwall Council owned that The Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland, have done a wonderful job in maintaining the woods, and that they are a major player, and that they must be listened to, and were totally opposed to the scheme."

He told the Packet: "Being the Cornwall councillor for the area in which the woods are located, I whole-heartedly supported the Friends of Tregoniggie Woods, who were opposed to the scheme, due to their concerns that cyclists and walkers would come into conflict, in the tranquility the woods.

The proposal to create a shared cycepath through Tregoniggie Woods has been withdrawn

The proposal to create a shared cycepath through Tregoniggie Woods has been withdrawn

"The Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland, have done a tremendous amount of work, in bringing the woods up to the standard it is today, catering for pedestrians, dog walkers and children, and it was my belief that the friends should have a major say in the consultation, especially when there is an alternative route for cyclists which runs parallel with the woodland along Conway and Venton Roads."

The funding for the proposed scheme through the woods, will now be re-directed to similar schemes in the area.

It was previously consulted on but was put on hold due to a short fall in funding. The scheme had been picked up again as a result of new s106 Developer funding that has been made available.

In their opposition submissions Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland said the woodland was under threat from Cornwall Council by the proposed cycle way.

They said the woodland was a haven of peace and home to a wide array of wildlife and is a key public open space and conservation area where local people walk and exercise their dogs.

It is also a key component of the recently recognised Falmouth Green Corridor, linking natural areas between Bickland Water Road and Swanpool.

The Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland, who have been working in the woodland for the last seven years, have managed to bring much of it back into good shape by carrying out many of the improvements that Cornwall Council have been unable to do due to funding cuts.

Recent work in the woodland under the Making Space for Nature project has led to the creation of new native wildflower meadows and native flowering bulb planting, some of which lie in the path of the proposed cycleway.

Since lockdown in March, the footfall in Tregoniggie Woodland has increased significantly with all the new housing developments going in near the woodland.

When the woodland was in the ownership of Carrick District Council, both horse riding and cycling were prohibited.

The bins have been installed at either end of Tregoniggie. Pictures Davd Saunby

The bins have been installed at either end of Tregoniggie. Pictures Davd Saunby

Meanwhile there was more good news for Tregoniggie with Mr Saunby getting new dog poo / litter bins installed at the request of the friends by the exit from Tregoniggie Woodland into Conway Gardens.

"Now that all entrances and exits to and from the woodlands are fully covered with waste bins, there is really no excuse to drop litter, or letting your dog poo, without picking it up, and disposing in the bins provided, after your walk though the woodlands," said Mr Saunby.