OFF-ROAD drivers and flytippers are causing extensive damage to a Unesco World Heritage site with over 30 tyres dumped there last weekend.

Police say damage at the Ding Dong Mine/Greenburrow Mine in Madron near Penzance is being caused by illegal off-road driving on an area of sensitive moorland. The site has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006. The mine lie in an old and extensive mining area situated in the parish of Madron.

Penzance Police says they will be monitoring the area and if they see anyone carrying out illegal activities they will be targeted with a fixed penalty fine and could also have their vehicle removed or seized

In a post on Facebook they said: "Extensive damage to the site is being caused by illegal off road vehicle activity on the sensitive moorland areas, this activity is not only damaging the moors but is eroding the surrounding areas of the mine structures on the site.

"There has also been illegal fly tipping of over 30 vehicle tyres during the weekend 13th/14th February..

"It is an offence to use any mechanically propelled vehicle off road so not only are you causing damage to our precious heritage sites you are committing an offence.

"We are sorry we missed you this time around but we'll be sure to see you next time and oblige you with a fixed penalty fine and potentially the removal/seizure of your vehicle!"