Helston school kids are at it again and have completed a further fundraising challenge after recently smashing their lap of Iceland.

The year 4 philanthropists from Nansloe Academy in Helston gave themselves the new challenge of walking the equivalent distance of the 183 miles from Helston to Bristol.

After the success of their loop of Iceland challenge, in which they managed to raise over £3000, the kids decide they didn't want to stop there and have decided to continue fundraising with classmate Olivia who was diagnosed with leukaemia at the start of the year.

The kids once again got back outside and ran, walked, skated and scooted their way through the additional mileage and have now raised over £4000.

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Laura Williams, whose daughter is part of the year 4 class, said: "They are an incredible class whose kindness and care for each other has taken over.

"When things were hard, awful weather they all dug deep because it was for their friend.

"They were a team from start to finish and have blown all of us parents away.

"The school is incredibly proud of them and has been so supportive of the children.

"As parents we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has got behind our children and supported them.

"It’s given them all a massive boost."

Currently, the little superheroes have nine miles left to go which they hope to have completed in the next day or two

We wish them all the very best!