Porthleven Fishermen and Boat Owners' Association has said it is delighted to announce that its new chairman is to be Steve Issitt who will bring a "wealth'" of knowledge to the role.

The association said it is proud to have his wisdom and steady hands at the helm as it enters a fresh chapter in its history. "With his guidance we hope to continue to preserve our ancient harbour for future generations, to keep our fishermen fishing and our boats safe."

Steve Issitt is the Chairman of Porthleven Fishermen and Boat Owners Association

Steve Issitt is the Chairman of Porthleven Fishermen and Boat Owners' Association

Mr Issit said: "I'm delighted to be chairman".

Steve was nominated by PFBA secretary Lynne Lees and seconded by PFBA Treasurer Jeremy Richards (three Porthleveners).

Lynne said: "Steve was one of my late grandfather's [Stanley Oliver] final boat building apprentices and it was my honour to nominate him. He will be a fantastic chair bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise."

Porthleven Fishermen’s Association was formed in 1869 when Porthleven was a simple fishing cove, not unlike Cadgwith of today, with boats pulled up during bad weather onto what is now the harbour head. Very old pictures of this scene also shows a pool where the shipyard now is , into which some boats where hauled for safety.

The association was formed after this cove was transformed when the harbour was built and was intended to help the fishermen voice any concerns they may have had at the loss of their fishing cove to them. Further protection for the fishermen and boat owners came from the 1869 harbour act of parliament.

The fisherman in the port fish using the same methods as their forebears, using baited crab and lobster pots, nets of various mesh size ( depending on what they want to catch) and hand lines. These passive fishing methods have changed little over the decades, maybe even centuries and as such, is very gentle on local fishing grounds.