The Cornish Pirates, #Pledge4Pirates appeal, this week reached a new milestone.

The fundraiser has now raised over £26,000 since it's launch two weeks ago.

With the Championship season getting ever closer, it is vital for the club to raise as much money as possible to cover all additional Covid related costs.

Pirates will be spending well above their planned budget with testing alone expecting to be in excess of £100,000.

The appeal has received multiple big money donations, some of £1000, in the past week to help take them to this amount.

Cornish Pirates CEO, Rebecca Thomas, said: "With the 2019/20 season cut short back in March 2020 the Club has been unable to generate any significant income stream for nearly 12 months.

"The support received to date has been overwhelming, with donations and merchandise purchases helping us offset some of our ongoing costs to keep the playing squad together.

"Our aim has always been to protect the future of the Club and we have worked hard to consistently be one of the top Championship sides, developing high quality players along the way.

"This plea comes to anyone who may be able to help support these additional costs required to meet Covid requirements to be able to bring rugby back, for our players, for our supporters and for our future.

"Championship rugby is back, and we can’t wait to take our place in it showcasing our passion for rugby and huge talent on offer, but we need your support."

Negotiations with Sport England under the Sport Winter Survival Package have enabled the club to take on a loan to help subsidise the huge loss of income for this season, but with no grant available to support the additional Covid related costs of testing and operational requirements, Pirates will be faced to cover these costs themselves.

You can still donate at