Developers behind the proposed retail park on the outskirts of Helston have been told they will be no need for an enivronmental impact survey

Cornwall Council's planning department made a decision today (February 25) on a request for what's known as screening option ahead of the proposed development to land at Hospital Cross in Helston.

The Packet have previously reported that The Pegasus Group had written to Cornwall Council requesting a screening opinion which would decide whether there is any need to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).



Plans for the site include the building of a McDonald's, Aldi supermarket and a Range store with a garden centre.

In their letter to Pegasus the council says that: "The development proposed is not considered to be an EIA development within the meaning of the EIA Regulations.

"The decision is based on the information known at the time and selection criteria for screening Schedule 2 development and Planning Practice Guidance

"This decision is given without prejudice to any final determination of the planning application.

"the development therefore does not require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)."

Falmouth Packet: Cornwall council has today (Feb 25) decided that no Environmental Impact Assessment will be neededCornwall council has today (Feb 25) decided that no Environmental Impact Assessment will be needed

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The greenfield site has been previously characterised by senior planner for the developers, Christian Fisk, on behalf of Pegasus, as 'medieval farmland' and because of this is would not subject to nature conservation designations.

However, local environment and climate groups, such as the Helston Climate Action Group, dispute this claim and have previously stated that the land is home to a badger sett and is frequently visited by owls, deer, and sparrowhawks among other animals.

It has also previously said in a statement: "We call on Helston town councillors to honour the commitments they made when declaring a climate emergency in March 2019 and declaring Helston an Earth Protector Town in December 2019, and reverse course on this sale."