Truro City's league season is now over after the Southern League Premier South was declared null and void.

On Wednesday, the FA released a statement announcing the termination of leagues between steps three and six.

City, currently play at step three of the non league pyramid and face another season in their current division, going two seasons without completing a full campaign.

This now means the White Tigers have yet again been denied a chance to move back up the leagues following their relegation in 2019. With last seasons campaign declared null and void with just 11 games remaining when they sat in pole position and likely to be promoted.

Truro City have played their final league game at Treyew Road. Picture: Cameron Weldon

Truro City have played their final league game at Treyew Road. Picture: Cameron Weldon

Talking about the clubs misfortunes, chairman, Jack Richards, said: "Right from the very start the gods haven’t been with us to put it mildly.

"We got relegated with Torquay losing in the last minute to bottom of the league and we got relegated by one point. We also dealt with one of the other clubs in another league going broke could persuade the league to stay in the league which meant we couldn’t stay up, becoming the highest relegated team."

The chairman however does believe that the season could benefit from a restructure, saying: "Wouldn’t it be great if we could get started again in July and August? A chance for a full season or maybe the way forward is a regionalised season with a playoffs and maybe not go for the full 42 games.

"You never know with maybe little fourth or fifth lockdowns. For me the way forward is to go for a full league or find something more suitable to ensure we maybe get 30 games in and still get a result. It's up to the FA and Southern League to decide what the best way forward is."

The ground will no longer see scenes like these. Picture: Cameron Weldon.

The ground will no longer see scenes like these. Picture: Cameron Weldon.

With the season now declared null and void, the sides time at Treyew Road is also over. The club well temporarily be relocating to Devon in a groundshare with Western League side Plymouth Parkway.

On this subject, Richards said: "We are disappointed [that our time at Treyew road is over], but on a positive note it's now settled that there is some funds in the kitty for Truro City.

"Truro City will have more control over their destiny in terms of a place to play. There has been a huge black cloud over Treyew Road for a long, long time because of the uncertainty of the circumstances. Now is the time to make the change and with the planning permission that was running out.

"To be able to walk away from £2.6 million just to stay at Treyew Road still meant that nothing was leading forward, so I think the right decision was made by the board and it just goes to show there’s a bright future with the Stadium For Cornwall.

"Although it will mean going to Plymouth Parkway for a season, the idea was that any matches we played this season would’ve been at Treyew Road but obviously there’s going to be none of that. We’re not missing out too much, we’d have to play a season away which was always going to be the case.

"So we’re going to go there, they’re very keen to have us and their facilities allow us to go there under the rules and regulations for suitability of ground.

"We’re just very positive of the fact that by not playing at Treyew Road its actually secured a better future for the team than actually staying there."