The issue of cars parking for too long in Helston town centre has been raised by a concerned resident who fears it could affect trade for shops.

At their most recent meeting, two weeks ago, the town’s councillors were asked to consider a letter from a member of the public, although in fact the letter was dated December 15, before the introduction of the third lockdown.

With restrictions due to ease in stages from later this month, however, councillors considered the concerns and if action should be taken.

In the letter the unnamed resident wrote: “Since there has been dearth of traffic wardens patrolling Helston’s streets I have noticed in the town that numerous cars park almost all day in Meneage Street and Coinagehall Street – some of which, presumably, are owned by people living in flats above shops and some of which appear to be shopkeepers themselves.

“This, in my opinion, prevents shoppers getting into town to go shopping. It also prevents these then frustrated drivers using Helston’s shops and they then go to other nearby towns.


“I have spoken to several shopkeepers and they agree with my observations. Delivery vehicles are forced to park on pavements prior to making their deliveries.

“Unless something is done to remove these problems Helston will completely die in the very near future.”

Both Meneage Street and Coinagehall Street have a 30-minute maximum on-street parking time. 

Councillor John Boase was of the opinion that with many more people working from home it was unfortunate but there was little the council could do – a view shared by many members.

However, councillor Ron Edgcumbe believed there was a problem that existed only in Meneage Street, adding that delivery vehicles forced to park on the pavement did nothing to help social distancing.

It was agreed to write to Cornwall Council to check when enforcement was likely to return, with Mr Edgcumbe asking that their letter also say the town councillors shared the concerns raised.