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College to provide homes for students

Plans were announced for the first purpose built halls of residence for Falmouth College of Arts in the heart of the town.

They are to be built behind the old police station and Argos. Part of the land, off Berkeley Vale, was once owned by Riders Garage.

It does not include the old police station although the scheme is expected to enhance the chances of that listed site being sold in the future.

It is hoped to start work soon and complete the development by 1997.

25 years April 4

25 years April 4

Trago Mills forced to close on Easter Sunday

Retail giant Trago Mills which last year defied the new Sunday Trading Act and opened every day over the Easter holidays, has been forced to obey the law this year.

For the first time in the company's long history, its three stores at Falmouth, Liskeard and Newton Abbot will close on Easter Sunday.

The company founded by controversial millionaire Mike Robertson, and now run by his son Bruce, was heavily fined for opening on Easter Sunday in 1995 and was threatened with an injunction by one council if it planned to defy the new law again this year.

Trago had claimed the new Sunday trading laws are unfair as they only applied to stores over a certain size.

25 years April 4

25 years April 4

Big spending planned for Falmouth

Between £15 and £20 million could be spent on Falmouth's town centre over the next two years.

The money would come from local authorities, European Funds and the private sector.

This would enable substantial development to take place in the town centre for the benefit of the town as a whole," said Carrick Council's chief executive Paul Kidwell-Talbot.

Pattersons and the district council own land off Well Lane and, subject to final planning permission being granted , a multi-storey car park would provide up to 480 parking spaces.The district council are interested trying to establish a promenade walkway between Prince of Wales Pier and Fish Strand Quay to connect up the newly developed Church Street site.

25 years April 4

25 years April 4