The design of the front wall on the controversial Liner building on Falmouth seafront has been been passed to the enforcement officer at Cornwall Council over claims it is in breach of planning permission.

Councillor David Saunby told the Packet that Cornwall Council Planning Enforcement are now involved, as there seems to be a clear breach of what was originally approved in the planning conditions, regarding the type of stone used, and the wall construction, not fitting in with other granite walls in the immediate area.

The issue was first brought up at a meeting of Falmouth Town Council back in December when councillors criticised the design of the wall.

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"They had planning conditions put in and I believe what's happened here is they haven't observed the conditions and instead of a conventional granite wall like you see along sea front they have gone for their own style and have not complied with the planning regulations," said Mr Saunby.

The offending wall during construction

The offending wall during construction

"We contacted the case officer he made them aware they are not complying with it and it has now gone to the enforcement officer for enforcement."

He said the referral was made in the last few days and the developers may have to take it down depending on how strong enforcement is."

"What's the point of having planning enforcement if they're not going to enforce it?, said Mr Saunby. "We're not talking about a small thing here, it's quite a big thing.

"It wouldn't go to planning enforcement if they had complied with the planning regulations. On the Gyllyngvase Hill side they have done it right but when you come onto Cliff Road

they've changed the wall completely. Now depends on whether enforcement roll over and say 'OK, then' or whether they make them take it down."

The offending wall during construction

The offending wall during construction

Councillor Alan Jewell said they had been 'banging on' to the case officer about it for weeks. "It's unfortunate really that they haven't built the wall to what they have got permission too. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the majority of the walls along the sea front are like nice granite horizontal vertical joins but this has gone with diamonds and it doesn't blend in. They haven't gone along with the plans so it's gone to enforcement.

Cornwall Council has confirmed it is "currently investigating an alleged breach of planning control in relation to non-compliance with the approved planning permission." 

Developers of The Liner building, Acorn Property Group, declined to comment.