A self-described ‘super Google’ firm hailing from Western Canada has expanded its operations to the UK, opening a new office in Cornwall.

One of only 3% of agencies in Europe and North America to be classified as a Premier Google Partner Agency, Marwick Marketing's move into the UK market, through an office in Newquay, is part of an ongoing investment and expansion strategy.

The company opened for business in late 2020 and has amassed a number of clients in the online retail markets and in hotels and hospitality.

These clients include The Cornish Bakery’s new ‘Pasties by Post’ UK-wide service, Bodmin-based Bonds the Jewellers, The Queensberry Hotel in Bath and Another Place The Lake, a luxury hotel in the Lake District which is part of the Watergate Bay group.

Founded in 2012, by Christian Thomson, Marwick Marketing began business in Canada by providing digital business and profit building strategies.

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Founder and UK CEO, Christian Thomson, said: "Marwick has always focussed on being clear on what we do, and what we deliver for our clients across the board – and that’s fast growth and higher profits.

"Lots of Google marketeers love the ‘Geek Speak’ of our shared science and they over-complicate it all.

"They constantly talk in acronyms like it’s a special world that only other geeks can enter and understand.

"But we don’t work like that."

"We’re happy to share all our secrets, to demystify the acronyms and make it easy for all our clients to understand how we drive major growth for everyone we work with.

"We have a team of 21 in our office in Canada and for myself and my family, moving back to Cornwall was a very natural opportunity for us – and for the business.

"There’s so many companies doing really interesting things here, but they just need help to get to the next level, without it being too painful."

To find out more about Marwick Marketing UK, visit their website: www.growwithgoogle.co.uk