A coffee shop in Helston has become a victim of a food theft while putting on a 'pay it forward' scheme.

Coffee Hut Helston discovered that it was missing salad leaves from its fresh food delivery on Saturday morning - leaving it short of wrap and salad fillings.

In a light-hearted post on the hut's social media account, the coffee hub joked that they personally would have taken the halloumi before going on to say that if whoever took the items was in need they would be more than happy to help.

A farm shop in Mylor suffered a similar incident last month with various items from its stall being taken during the night.

After several incidents occurred in the space of two weeks, the farm stall decide to come up with its own form of naming and shaming, putting images of the offenders captured on CCTV on a medieval stock - complete with dummy.

The Coffee Hut Helston has not gone down a similar route, however, taking a more charitable approach to the incident by offering help.

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Coffee Hut Helston is also currently putting on a 'pay it forward' scheme that enables people to pay for someone else's coffee or food with their own order.

Explaining the scheme, owner Natasha Mossayebi said: "One of our lovely customers gave us an extremely generous amount of money to get us going with this.

"We can’t thank you enough.

"The idea of ‘Pay It Forward’ is that you can pay in advance for someone else’s meal or hot drink so that someone who is in need – whether they are down on their luck, lost their purse, out of work or even homeless - can access a meal or drink and even some comfort for a while.

"So in these difficult times, if you’re struggling financially we welcome you to come and have a coffee, some lunch or a cake without having to worry about the cost.

"And if there’s anyone who would like to help and contribute towards the pay it forward scheme, next time you’re in and buying a coffee why not buy one but pay for two and we’ll put the extra in our Pay it Forward kitty?"

The scheme has been used across the country in order to help those who might not have the money to buy their own food, those sleeping rough, or emergency services works such as nurses or paramedics.

The business also aims to support Cornish businesses too, by using locally-sourced food and ingredients on its menu while also striving to be single-use plastic-free.

For more information about the the Coffe Hut Helston, visit the website: coffeehuthelston.co.uk.