A fundraiser has been set up for a pedestrian who was involved in a serious accident and suffered life changing injuries.

The man involved, Dennis, 29, was struck while walking on Agar Road outside Morrison’s in Pool, Redruth and is currently in a critical condition in Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

Dennis has a 4 year old son who, due to the current pandemic restrictions, cannot see him or talk to him.

So far, the fundraising efforts have raised over £2,730 after being created just over 24 hours ago.

Sadie Jay, who is the mother of Dennis' son, organised the fundraiser and, in a statement on the fundraising page, said: "I’m creating this page in hope to raise some funds to help him once he gets out of hospital which I believe to be a very long time due to the severity of the injuries sustained, he will be unable to work for the foreseeable future.

"This will hopefully relieve some of the worry for him and his family at this extremely difficult time.

"I have spoken to many people who were at the scene and have thanked them individually for everything they have done as he wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for everyone’s assistance at the scene."

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In an update posted on the fundraising page, Sadie said: "Dennis has now woken up from an induced coma.

"His injuries were very severe, he has lost one leg, and the other foot.

"All his other signs are good so hopefully he is on the road to recovery but it is still touch and go as to the likelihood of more Surgery’s .

"We are all so grateful for all your donations and anyone who helped him at the scene.

"No matter how little you think you helped , even if you brought a blanket out for him, that in tern would have meant a lot to him.

"The outcome could have been a lot lot worse so we are so so thankful for the amazing people who helped him on the scene.

"Thank you all for your kind messages of support and your thoughts."

Anyone with information regarding the incident is being urged to contact the police regarding anything that could help them with the cause of the incident.

Call 101 quoting Log 0886 of 26th March 2021