THE Tory MP for Falmouth has accused council leaders of electioneering over calls to establish a ferry link between the port's docks and Brittany to transport shellfish.

Cherilyn Mackrory says that 'certain' councillors seeking re-election have sought to make the establishment of a ferry link between the two countries more than it is.

"Cornwall values the cultural ties that it has with other parts of the world, including Brittany, but lack of ferry capacity is not the problem,” she said.

“The EU decision to ban live bi-valve molluscs affects Brittany just as much as it affects Boulougne. Border control rules are an EU competence and neither Brittany as part of France, nor France has power to change them.”

“The port at Roscoff can receive some fisheries products but not live crabs nor live lobsters and most Cornish fishing businesses seek access to the Boulougne market which is why they have tended not to use the existing link to Roscoff from Plymouth in the past.”

“Sadly certain councillors at Cornwall Council seeking re-election have sought to make the establishment of what I am sure could be a very welcome transport link, more than it is, but the fact remains that it is only by changes at EU level will this issue be resolved.”

Her comments come after Cornwall Council and the Brittany region signed an historic Memorandum of Understanding which could hopefully see Brittany Ferries bringing one of their vessels into Falmouth Docks to load up with shellfish and seafood.

During the meeting with Loïg Chesnais-Girard, president of the regional council of Brittany, he put the proposal that he wants to get a freight connection to Cornwall, and wants a ferry link to Cornwall via Brittany Ferries.

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Ferry to EU proposal could be a 'game changer' says shellfish exporter

Last week the Truro and Falmouth MP says she met with the Secretary of State for the Environment George Eustice MP and local shellfish producers and pledged her continued support for the industry.

Thomas Duane from Falmouth based FalCatch said that they had had a meeting with Mrs Mackrory and Mr Eustice last week to discuss the current situation over the export of shellfish.

However, local shellfish producer Martin Laity from Sailor's Creek Shellfish in Flushing told the Packet that neither he or any local shellfish firm he knew had had a meeting with either the minister or the MP.

Cherilyn said: “It was good to meet with the Secretary of State and local shellfish producers to explore areas of best practice from the industry and how we can best support them following the recent EU law changes.”

“I will continue to do all I can to work with the Government and local producers to ensure they are best supported and that the Government continues to press the EU to change back the laws that it changed following the Brexit Trade Deal.”