Falmouth town council has reminded people that the rule of six still applies after the Easter weekend saw mountains of rubbish and fires set on the beach.

Town council clerk Mark Williams said some peoples' behaviour had been "very poor" over the weekend.

Falmouth Packet:

Branches were ripped out of the hedge

"Litter debris is an issue for marine wildlife and beach safety," he said. "Beach fires present a real hazard, are often left burning into the next day, and are often fuelled by materials damaged and stolen from nearby properties and businesses. Hot debris, nails and other hazards are left in the sand.

"The rule of six is applicable to outside gatherings."

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Call for action over fires and rubbish being left on Falmouth beaches every morning

He said Cornwall Council are the beach custodians but are stretched in terms of enforcement response.

"The police and fire brigade do respond to address anti-social behaviour of this kind, but are also extremely stretched regarding resourcing," he said. "We have requested that Cornwall Council create a Public Space Protection Order to make their enforcement easier. Byelaws already exist regarding open fires."

The town council has launched the Sand Safe Campaign to increase awareness about open fires, littering and BBQ disposal www.falmouth.co.uk/sand-safe

"People need to think about their actions and how that impacts on others and our environment," said Mr Williams.