An update has been given on how long the roadworks in Penryn will continue for – and the good news is an end date is in sight.

DA Giles, which is carrying out the works alongside Western Power, has been on site in Lower Market Street for two weeks already now.

Temporary traffic lights are in place, operating 24 hours a day, while a trench is dug in order to lay a new electricity supply cable to the Seven Stars.

Manager Steve Wells said the reason the work could not be done in stages was because the cable, which is 100 metres long and roughly the diameter of a person's arm, had to be laid in the trench in one length.

However, he said the company was doing it all it could to speed up the process.

He said: "The work entails digging a long trench along the main street. We have had to put the traffic lights in because we have to dig an open trench.

"We're trying to do as best we can, as quickly as we can."

Mr Wells said he was in talks with Western Power about whether it was possible to bring forward when the cable could go into the ground.

If agreed this could see the cable being installed next Thursday or Friday. This would allow DA Giles to open up the street more and carry out a second stage of work, along the side of the pub, without the need for the traffic lights and main road closure.

A footpath order is in place beginning Monday, April 26, meaning that section will be closed but people will still be able to walk around it, and it is hoped to have all the work finished by April 30.