A Penzance project whose community work focusses on sustainability has been chosen by The National Lottery to feature in a special feature video.

Whole Again Communities, based on Treneere Estate and spearheaded by founder Elizabeth Sullivan, was hand-picked to film a workshop with TV comedian Rosie Ramsey for its transformational exploits delivering organic goods to families in need.

Elizabeth was chosen to appear in one of three DIY videos with Ramsey that tell the stories of environmentally-savvy, Lottery-funded charities.

Falmouth Packet: The videos tell the stories of environmentally-savvy, Lottery-funded charities.The videos tell the stories of environmentally-savvy, Lottery-funded charities.

According to new research, around seven in ten Brits say they’re not doing enough to save the planet and Elizabeth, who lives with husband Graham in Penzance, hopes the video can raise critical awareness about how we can all be greener.

The 61-year-old, who founded Whole Again Communities in 2014, said: "It makes me indescribably proud to be part of a project who champion being environmentally-friendly.

"It felt fantastic to be singled out by The National Lottery – it makes me feel validated for working so hard and putting in so much blood, sweat and tears to run the project.

Falmouth Packet: When it comes to sustainability, the group says to start small and enjoy what you're doingWhen it comes to sustainability, the group says to start small and enjoy what you're doing

"I just hope people who watch the video will see what a great thing it is to contribute towards The National Lottery being able to fund projects like ours.

"If others are inspired by it, then that’s great.

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"You get such a sense of pride from being environmentally-sustainable – it’s great for physical and mental wellbeing.

"My advice would be – just start small and enjoy it.

"Get involved in a local project, get a packet of wild seeds, seed-bomb places that aren’t being used, and enjoy the pleasure with your family.

"It’s a really nice addiction – it’s a buzz and an achievement.

"Age is no barrier and you’ll make new friends – just get involved.”

Elizabeth’s video, which can be viewed below, involves a cooking workshop and emphasises the importance of organically and environmentally-sourced ingredients – with Ramsey being taught how to whip up a vegan farinata.

The National Lottery’s research reveals 73 per cent of Brits have used more electricity during the pandemic, while a third admit they have had the heating on more than ever before.

Almost half still reckon the world will be a greener place for future generations, with many admitting they will change their habits for the better after lockdown.

Actor and presenter Ramsey stars in three of five videos to raise further awareness around the importance of saving the planet, with each workshop focusing on a different topic around sustainability and how to help the environment.

Whole Again Communities have continued to supply food, seeds and compost pots to people throughout the pandemic and Elizabeth admits it’s National Lottery funding that has enabled them to survive.

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"I can’t emphasise the importance of National Lottery funding enough.

"Every time people pay a pound, you’re contributing – and that’s what matters.

"Every little contribution from National Lottery players helps it fund projects like ours.

"Whole Again Communities involves anybody and everybody in a friendly, open way – and National Lottery players are a key part of contributing to that and making other people’s lives better."

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The National Lottery is encouraging the public to make a vital contribution to the future of our planet by making a #PlanetaryPromise on social media between Monday April 19 – 23.

The #PlanetaryPromise is a chance for you to do your bit for the environment by making a conscious commitment to either start or stop something that could be helping or harming our planet.

To watch the video and find out more, visit: lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/stories/planetary-promise