Penzance Council are looking to get the opinions of the public on a scheme that could help reduce car usage and Co2 emissions.

As part of its Climate Emergency Action Plan, Penzance Council are currently in discussions with Co Cars about introducing a shared electric car club for Penzance.

As the remote work much of the country has got used to throughout the Covid-19 pandemic looks set to continue into the future, it is being estimated that many cars may now be sat on the driveway or on the street for much longer periods of time that they would have been previously.

The council is interested to hear the views of people who only need a car for a few hours across the week, or perhaps have a second car that doesn't get used too much.

Co Cars is currently looking at the viability of bringing shared, electric cars to locations around Penzance.

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They are a not-for-profit, co-operative social enterprise that already runs a network of shared, low and zero-emission cars across the South West.

The company also runs the Co Bikes electric bike sharing scheme.

Co Bikes are also an alternative to the car for many shorter trips, and because they’re electrically assisted, you can zip along and tackle hills without the hard work that comes with doing so on traditional pedal bikes.

In a statement, Penzance Council have said: "If we want this to happen in our locality we’ve got to show our support.

"So please help Co Cars gauge interest in coming to Penzance – the survey will only be live until early May.

If you're intwerested in completing the survey, you can find it online at: