A local artist will be showcasing her first solo exhibition out of lockdown at the end of April.

Penryn-based Rachel Painter will be putting on her show 'Hidden Footsteps Through The Sea' at the Terrace Gallery in Penryn from April 29 until May 16.

The exhibition will open with a private viewing on April 29 from 6-8pm, and be an opportunity to meet the artist alongside her work, as well as including wine and nibbles.

The show exhibits a collection of impressionistic seascape paintings which have been inspired by Cornwall’s dramatic coastline

The artist says she's been reflecting upon embracing the unknown within her paintings.

Rachel said: "There’s something humbling about peering into a wide-open landscape confronted by the echoing vastness of the water as it meets the horizon.

"Walking through these landscapes, trading my footsteps for brushstrokes onto the canvas, I’m reminded of the greater things that surround me as I make steps through the unknown."

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"It may not always be sunsets and rainbows filling the skies, but even in the face of the wind and rain watching the great storm clouds unfold and the light breaks through, the unknown can become an invitation to step into those greater things.

"Each footstep, however unfamiliar or vulnerable, leading into the other.

"The last year we’ve seen many unexpected changes.

"The landscape we’re peering into now isn’t the same one as 12 months ago.

"Many of us are in the process of leaving behind what ‘was’ and experiencing the beginning of the echoing vastness of the ‘new’.

"The footsteps ahead might not all be seen, but I believe one of the powers of the arts, as a source of inspiration and comfort, can help to point towards new uplifting realities as we all begin to step along new paths."

To find out more about Rachel’s work visit: www.rachelpainterartist.com.

You can also find out more about The Terrace Gallery at terracegallery.co.uk.