'AMAZING' new plans have been drawn up to create a community cafe and radio studio in the old Kimberley Park Lodge after it was found the whole back part of the building was beyond salvaging.

At a meeting of Falmouth Town Council on Monday night, Cllr Jude Robinson told fellow councillors that a survey had found that the newest part of the building at the rear, which had been added later had to be totally rebuilt.

But she said art gallery director Henrietta Boex had come up with some “amazing plans” to rebuild the back part which had been presented to the Kimberley Park Working Party and it was just a case of securing funding.

Falmouth Packet:

The back part of the lodge is beyond salvage

"We were trying to establish a community cafe in the lodge and then we were approached by Source FM to talk about a base for them and perhaps a partnership in the park which would go really well with their Park Live events," she said.

"In the course of all our investigations it turns out the whole back part of the lodge, which is the newer part, is really beyond salvaging. So that posed a bit of a problem actually. Henrietta has been working really hard on it she's come up with some amazing plan to rebuild the back part of the lodge but so they are quite discreet that they don't overwhelm the old front part of the lodge and have plenty of space in there for Source FM and also for a cafe.

Falmouth Packet:

The older part of the buiding at the front is OK

“The plans look actually look really fantastic. We will be using them to get external funding which is already earmarked for Kimberley Park and the normal Kimberley Park expenses and using that to release other funds from the lottery or from whatever other grants we can find.

"It's an absolutely fantastic project for the community, certainly I think that everybody who saw the plans at the working party was impressed and it was a unanimous decision to pursue those plans and see if we can make them work as a council.”

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Mayor Steve Eva said he thought the plans were "great" and the council was lucky to have Henrietta around and thought she was exceptional.

Cllr Robinson said the plans meant the cafe would be on one side and the studios on the other with space for people to sit outside and will have the radio station interacting with people and being a much more active part of the community including teaching children how to record and broadcast."

She said there was still a lot of work to be done but the working party had decided to go for it.

The town council voted for the plans to be moved forward.