An elderly Porthleven resident has been left upset after three bags of newly-bought compost disappeared overnight on Wednesday.

The gentleman, who has not been named, had recently been bought some compost by a friend and carer who was going to plant some roses for him.

The bags of compost had been left in the man's garden and would have only been visible to someone particularly tall or that had been looking.

When he checked the next morning at around 8am, the gentleman discovered that the bags were no longer there.

Jacky Hildick-Smith, who is the friend and carer for the elderly resident, said: "I'd got some compost bags from the local garden centre for him because he wanted me to pot some roses for him.

"I put them up against the front of the bungalow, which you could see over the hedge if you're tall, so it's not really open.

"I put them there on Tuesday and he went out with the dog at 10pm and said they were still there.

"Then when he went out with the dog at 8am the next morning he said they'd gone and the gate was on the floor.

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"So somebody's obviously tried to go through the gate and it's off the hinges so it's fallen.

"I'm furious about it, in a community like Porthleven, it's unusual really.

"I went online and did a police report on his behalf, and I haven't had anything back from them yet.

"I'm lost for words really because it's just unnecessary.

"It's not like it's something that they can flog on eBay or whatever.

"I just think it's unusual for somebody to take stuff like that.

"They're pretty hefty bags too, it took me a bit of effort to get them out the car, so you can't exactly walk down the road with one under each arm.

"I hope these people realise that it's had quite an impact on him, he's very cross and very sad about it.

"It hasn't made him feel vulnerable in the house particularly, he's not that type of person, but it does make you wonder what they would do next.

"We talk with the neighbours and they all keep an eye out, it's like a neighbourhood watch, and his nextdoor neighbour doesn't miss a thing usually, but this must have happened overnight.