Visitors to Cornwall and also its residents are being urged to 'respect' staff who work in shops, pubs and restaurants.

Cornwall Council has been working with businesses as they reopen after the third lockdown and has asked people "please don't have a go at them" as they try to protect customers.

It has sent out a ‘Respect, protect and enjoy’ message as rules ease.

Kevin Brader, Cornwall Council community protection manager, said: “That includes respect for those who work in shops and hospitality. We’ve been working with businesses to provide you with the best possible Covid safe experience, so please don’t have a go at them if they ask you to protect them, other customers and yourself by wearing a face covering unless exempt, washing hands, and maintaining social distancing.

"Then we can all enjoy and support our local businesses as high streets and outside hospitality venues reopen.”

Rachel Wigglesworth, director of Public Health for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly agreed: “We should all respect our residents who are coming out of shielding, and others who may be feeling nervous about the easing of restrictions.

"We can help protect them and ourselves by sticking to the rule of six or two households, and only meet outside so we can enjoy being able to meet up with family and friends while ensuring the risks of Covid are minimised.

"We can also protect each other by maintaining a two-metre distance from anyone we don’t live with. That could be while we’re socialising or queuing outside a shop. Keeping your distance from someone is important, because Covid is airborne and it can transmit easily over shorter distances.”

The call also goes out to anyone using public transport. Vicky Fraser, Cornwall Council service director for transport, said: “Respect staff and other passengers if you are travelling by public transport by maintaining social distancing and wearing a face covering, unless exempt.

"Think about how you travel and protect the environment by travelling sustainably and staying local. If you can, try to journey by foot or bike using one of our Active Travel maps for inspiration.

"Enjoy going somewhere different, there are so many brilliant places to visit in Cornwall – but if large numbers of people head to the same place, the car parks are full and it becomes difficult to stay safely socially distanced, seek out some new favourites away from the crowds.”