Businesses in Helston are being warned about a scam going round involving card readers.

Helston Town Council have put out a warning regarding the scam which involves people visiting businesses in the town and trying to convince them to change their card readers.

In a statement put out on their Facebook page, Helston Town Council said: "Businesses within Helston please be aware that we have received reports of a bogus caller visiting businesses encouraging owners to change card readers.

"Should you be approached in these circumstances please be careful what details you provide.

"If you have any concerns that you may have been targeted by a fraudulent individual in this way please contact the Police on 101 or Police Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

The warning comes as scams involving texts and calls from individuals posing as reputable businesses and institutions are on the rise.

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Scammers are reportedly taking advantage of the fact the people have been stuck indoors during lockdown and have therefore been doing most of their shopping online.

Back in February, Falmouth Health Centre issued a warning to its patients after receiving phone calls from people saying they have received a text message offering them a Covid vaccine with a link to follow.

This is what's known as 'phishing' whereby cyber criminals will send official-looking texts or emails prompting their recipients to click on the link which could either take them to an unsecure website that will then ask for them to enter their personal information or bank details.

In some cases, these phishing attacks will tell recipients to download attachments to emails or messages that will contain malware - malicious software that can cause damage to computers and networks and give access to hackers looking to steal data or personal information.

It is yet to be confirmed whether any businesses in Helston have been affected by the card reader scam.

Helston Town Council have been contacted for comment.