The wife of a cyclist who was hospitalised after an alleged hit and run on Tuesday morning has given a heartbreaking account of the morning she found out her husband had been involved in a serious incident and appealed for anyone with any information to come forward.

The incident occured during Alex Robert's journey to work at Westcountry Fruit sales on the A394, between Helston and Falmouth, soon after 7am on Tuesday (April 20) where he was hit by what is suspected to be a vehicle the size of a van. 

Lisa Roberts, wife of cyclist Alex who is currently recovering in hospital after suffering severe injuries in the incident, has asked anyone who may have any information to please come forward.

Alex suffered a shattered shoulder blade and four broken ribs, one of which had punctured his lung, leading to its collapse, after being left on the side of the road following a collision with an unknown vehicle.

Falmouth Packet: Alex's shattered shoulder. Picture: Facebook/LisaRobertsAlex's shattered shoulder. Picture: Facebook/LisaRoberts

Lisa said: "The first I heard of it he called me at 7:08am in shock, and he said 'you need to come and get me, I've been hit by a car.'

"So at this point I went into panic mode, I didn't know how bad he was but I could hear he was in and out of consciousness, he kept talking to me and then not.

"I put him on speaker phone and kept talking to him, I could hear a gentlemen in the background so I made sure to ask if someone had called an ambulance, to which the man responded that he had and that medical assistance was on the way.

"I kept him on the phone, kept talking to him, then dropped my poor kids off at my mums and then went straight there.

"By the time I arrived on the scene there were police cars and an ambulance there and they were assessing him on the side of the road.

"I didn't really know much more at that point and obviously, due to coronavirus, I wasn't allowed to go in the ambulance with him.

Falmouth Packet: A map of where the incident took place. Picture: Facebook/LisaRobertsA map of where the incident took place. Picture: Facebook/LisaRoberts

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"The whole day to be honest is a bit of a blur because it was so scary.

The incident has also affected Alex and Lisa's two kids, Max, 12, and Evie, 9, who were in the car with Lisa when Alex first called her to let her know what had happened.

"They're both just really sad, the call in the morning was obviously traumatic because they were in the back of the car while he was on speaker-phone while we were trying to keep him talking.

"So that was something not nice to experience.

"In the aftermath, they're both just finding it so hard to digest why someone would just leave him like that.

"We've always taught them to treat people as you would like to be treated and they just can't fathom why someone would leave their dad on the side of the road.

"With covid rules it's hard for them as they've not been able to see him at all, luckily we have Facetime, but it's not quite the same.

Falmouth Packet: Alex and Lisa with their kids Max and Evie. Picture: Facebook/LisaRobertsAlex and Lisa with their kids Max and Evie. Picture: Facebook/LisaRoberts

"One thing I would like to say is thank you to everybody for the well-wishes and the shares via Facebook, this is one of the good uses of social media, to get things out to the wider community.

"Thank you to the three people that stopped with Alex on the roadside, I know Alex and I would like to say a huge thank you to them.

"And just if anybody knows anything, if someone's come home and said to them 'oh no this has happened' and they feel too scared to say, just please come forward because it's a family's life and it's not the way you treat people."

Anyone who witnessed the incident, has any dashcam footage or has any information that could help the police with their enquiries is asked to email police at or call 101, quoting log 0117 of Tuesday, April 20.