A signwriter from Helston can now write and sign some big money cheques after a National Lottery windfall in what he calls "the worst and best week of my life."

Just days earlier Simon Wilcock, known by his nickname ‘Wilf’, had lost his beloved mother to cancer, before going on to scoop a £100,000 Jackpot Yellow Instant Win Game win.

Simon, 44, who owns Phoenix Signs in Helston, is now sure his mother Alison played a part in the upturn in his luck, after his win via the National Lottery app on his phone came just the weekend after losing her.

The father of two, who was watching television when he decided to try his luck, said: "I normally play Instant Win Games on my phone.

“I have an order in which I play the games in, as they show up on my phone screen. I don’t usually play £100,000 Jackpot Yellow, but for some reason I did this time, and I’m so glad that I went for it.

"Maybe it was a sign from above, as I certainly feel that Mum was looking down on me and I know she would be over the moon, just like my dad is.”

Wilf won the £100,000 Jackpot Yellow Instant Win game

Wilf won the £100,000 Jackpot Yellow Instant Win game

Simon, his keyworker wife Becky, 41, and their two sons, will use the win to make a fresh start after a tough and emotional few weeks, by upgrading to a bigger family home nearby.

He said, “We’ve been looking to move, but prices in this area are horrendous. The four of us have just outgrown our three-bedroom home and this win takes the pressure off, in terms of being able to afford somewhere new.”

Health visitor Becky was the first person Simon told when he realised he hadn’t won his usual £5, but rather an amazing £100,000.

He then phoned his emotional father to break the news. Because he admits to being ‘a bit of a kidder,’ Simon had some trouble convincing his dad, and then his mates, that he really had come into money.

Simon added: “It’s been such a strange year for us all. Becky and I worked flat-out throughout the lockdown. I had a few weeks where I couldn’t open the shop and was taking care of the home schooling, but as soon as I could reopen, there was plenty of need for our services, which I’m very grateful for.

"Losing mum after her valiant 18-month fight against cancer is obviously the biggest, most horrendous downside of the year, for all of us as a family. She is a huge loss and this has given us just a glimmer of happiness.”

Simon won the top £100,000 prize on the £1 Jackpot Yellow online Instant Win Game from the National Lottery. It is a click and reveal game, with three games to play, and to win the top prize Simon matched £100k three times in Game 1.