A FIVE-DAY closure of one of Helston's key routes out of town has now begun and will be in place 24 hours a day.

Redruth Road is shut between the junctions of Gwealfolds Road and Falmouth Road, at the Turnpike Roundabout.

It prevents access towards Redruth, meaning vehicles are having to find alternatives around.

Many drivers are making a diversion through the Gwealdues estate, to bypass the closure and come out further up the road, making the residential roads very busy.

The closure is in place to allow South West Water to carry out repairs to a collapsed sewer pipe.

It came into force earlier today and the notice is in place for up to 21 days, although it is expected that the work will be completed by this Friday, April 30.

It is operation 24 hours a day, weekdays only.

The closure notice includes bicycles, but pedestrians are still able to use the footpath.

Residents and businesses on that stretch of road also still have access, including their vehicles.

The section of road closed. Picture: Google Maps

The section of road closed. Picture: Google Maps

Nothing in the closure order applies to the emergency services or any vehicle needed in an emergency such as the loss of supplies of gas, electricity or water to premises in the area.

The official diversion route is: Falmouth Road, Helston Relief Road, Trewennack, Trevenen, Manhay, Laity, Carnebone, Road from Tanglewood Cottage To Junction at Penrose, road from junction at Retanna to junction at Butteriss, layby on A394 Between Rame Cross And Retanna House Farm, Halfway House, road from Halfway House to junction at London Wells Farm, Herniss, Longdowns, A394 Between Longdowns And Treliever Cross, Treliever Cross, A394 between Penvose And Treliever Cross, Four Cross, A393 between Burnthouse and Four Cross, Burnthouse, St Michaels Road, Park Road, A393 between junction north of Lower Penlean House and Park Road, A393 between Pelean Cross and junction north of Lower Penlean House, A393 between district boundary at Pellyn Wollas and Pelean Cross, A393 between district boundaries between Pengreep And Pelean Cross, A393 between the junction north of Pengreep Barton and district boundary at Pengreep, A393 between Merrymeeting and junction north of Pengreep Barton, A393 between Comford and Merrymeeting, A393 between Penventon House and Comford, Lanner Moor, Lanner Hill, South Downs, Southgate Street, Bucketts Hill, Buller Hill, Penventon, Four Lanes, Church Road, Pencoys, Forest, Nine Maidens, Carthew, Burras, B3297 between Farms Common and Boquio, Crelly, Trenear, Wendron, Redruth Road, layby on B3297 At Wheal Dream.