A Co-Op store is to be the supermarket which takes pride of place at the bottom of the controversial Liner building currently near completion on Falmouth's seafront.

The supermarket chain has put in a licensing application to sell alcohol from the site in Cliff Road, directly across the road from the Gylly Beach Cafe.

It was already known that a retailer was going into the building but it wasn't until now known which company that would be.

The application reveals the store will be open from 6am to 11pm but not the actual date when it will open.

The public have until May 20 to make any representations to Cornwall Council at licensing@cornwall.gov.uk

In the original application the retail unit was described as a 'village shop'.

Gylly Beach Cafe is just across the road

Gylly Beach Cafe is just across the road

The application comes as problems with alcohol and litter on Gyllyngvase Beach appear to have subsided. Hundreds of nails recovered from fire pits on the beach were found to have come from pallets that were left at the entrance to the Liner site for collection the following day.

Kirstie Edwards from Plastic Free Falmouth said people were coming onto the site and taking the pallets to use them for the fires and leaving the rusty nails in the sand. The practice of leaving the pallets out was stopped by the company when it was discovered this was happening. Since then the number of fires on the beach has fallen.

She said things had died down but "we weren't out of the woods yet."

The nails are thought to have come from broken up pallets

The nails are thought to have come from broken up pallets

Last week town centre manager Richard Gates told members of Falmouth Town Council that the problems were only going to get worse over the summer and a multi-agency approach was needed to tackle the problem.

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