It has been confirmed that Covid marshals will continue to patrol Cornwall past the expected lockdown lifting in June.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in his 'roadmap' back in February that he hoped to implement the final stage of lifting the lockdown restrictions entirely on June 21, provided that case numbers and data did not force a delay.

With an intention to remove all legal limits on social contact and events such as weddings, as well as reopen everything up to and including nightclubs and large theatre performances, it had been hoped by many that this would mean a return to life as we knew it before the pandemic.


However, it seems that the it may be a 'new normal' we will be entering – and many of the features that have become familiar over the last year will still be full present.

This includes Covid marshals, who have been patrolling key towns offering social distancing advice and preventing rules from being broken, such as large gatherings.

A report in The Telegraph included Cornwall among a list of councils that were reportedly extending the existing contracts beyond July.

Now Cornwall Council has confirmed that this is indeed the case and explained why.

A spokesperson told the Packet: "We are expecting a busy summer so we are planning to continue to use marshals beyond June 21.

"We want to continue to support residents, visitors and businesses to respect any public health restrictions that may remain in place, protect themselves and each other and enjoy all that Cornwall has to offer in a safe and responsible way."

That may not be the only feature of the lockdowns that continues past full lifting, however.

It is widely expected that people will still be asked to face coverings in certain situations, particularly in highly populated areas and when it comes to winter, with the Government's chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance having already suggested this will be necessary to stop a further resurgence of the virus.

And earlier today it was confirmed that an NHS app was already in development to act as a 'Covid passport' for holidaymakers.


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed that it would be used for people when they book appointments with the NHS and to show if someone had received a vaccine or been tested for the virus.