Penguin trio Mildred, Gladys and Spneb, are believed to be the oldest Humboldt’s Penguins in the UK.

Mildred and Spneb, who live at Paradise Park in Hayle, are already a whopping 33 years old, with Gladys also turning 33 in June this year.

Mildred (affectionately call Millie by the staff) was the first one to reach the ripe old age of 33 on April 1.

She was a favourite with the visitors as she used to take part at the ‘Penguin Photocall.'

Falmouth Packet: Mildred was the first to turn 33.Mildred was the first to turn 33.

Mildred had to retire her from the photocalls when her eyesight started to let her down.

She developed cataracts in both eyes back in 2014 and now has very little sight, but she finds her way around the pool just fine.

Keeper Kirsty Snoxall said: "In the wild they are known to live to between 15 to 20 years of age, but in captivity it can be much longer.

"We do believe Mildred, Gladys and Spneb are three of the oldest on record and all turn 33 years old this year.

"Caring for elderly birds and animals is all part of a keepers job.

Falmouth Packet: Spneb's name is a fusion of the two medications he takes.Spneb's name is a fusion of the two medications he takes.

"Many of the of issues that can crop up in old age are very similar to humans, like cataracts and joint pain, all of which receive treatments and medications plus a lot of TLC."

All three penguins live with the colony at the centre of Paradise Park.

The enclosure has a doughnut-shaped pool where they can get up a good swimming speed.

There is also bridge to the central island and huts to one side where the pairs set up nest together.

Falmouth Packet: The penguins live together at Paradise Park in HayleThe penguins live together at Paradise Park in Hayle

Kirsty added: "There is a lot of advice on penguin husbandry and decades of experience at Paradise Park, and our vet is always available as well.

"The keepers keep a close eye on the penguins and ensure they get the very best care."