A motorcyclist's night just got worse and worse after he was stopped by police and his bike was found to have bald tyres and he ended up in the cells .

The bike was stopped by Devon and Cornwall Road Policing Team in the Helston area last night with the police posting pictures of the state of the tyre on its Twitter account.

The tyres were so worn that the police said he was not only putting his own life at risk but those of others as well.

Falmouth Packet:

But it didn't end there for the unfortunate biker, a later drug test proved positive as well and ended up being locked up.

Posting on Twitter the police said: "The rider of this bike was truly risking his and others lives with the tyre being so worn

"Their night got worse providing a positive @DrugWipeUK in the #Helston area this evening. #LockedUp"


The consequences of his actions now mean a court date for the unidentified motorcyclist either at Truro or Bodmin.