A 'MASSIVE' and 'obtrusive' looking building should be refused as it will block views and be an 'eyesore' across the whole of Falmouth, members of the town council's planning committee have been told.

An application has been submitted by the new owners Mr and Mrs Needham to renovate and extend the property known as White Wings on Harbour Terrace and create a 'New England' design with wooden slats. The application has so far received over 40 public objections

Rehan Afzalm whose home is across from the site, told councillors that the combination of enlarging the building along Harbour Terrace towards the harbour and raising the roof by eight inches will lead to a 'much more massive and obtrusive looking' building.

How the current proposals look from the road. Image Marraum Architects

How the current proposals look from the road. Image Marraum Architects

"It will block the highly valued views of some residents; it will change the appearance of the road and it will be more obvious when looking from the sea on the view of the Victorian period period terrace," he said.

"The New England design is not in keeping with the area, the industrial style Zinc roof will stand out as an 'eyesore' across the whole of Falmouth and it neither preserves nor enhances the conservation area.

"I am of the strong view that the planned extension renovation at ground level and on the first floor (length and height) would mean the loss of a valuable amenity and have a visually overbearing impact.

"The proposed extension by reason of its size and siting, represents an unneighbourly form of development that would have an adverse impact on the amenity of the neighbouring properties, community, historical and conservation area.

"Nearly 40+ objections from local residents and public have already been made been made, which I would urge the committee to consider."

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Earlier, presenting the new owners of the house's case, Julian Mills from Marraum Architects told councillors that what was before them tonight was being amended in line with these areas of objection.

"We are very much aware of the local feeling of objection and we understand the need to preserve and protect we are all for this," he said. "We have taken on board the key ideas of the objections raised not to increase the height of the building, not to have an inset balcony and a full width dormer across the full elevation. Not to raise a modern fence along the street boundary to sum up a couple.

"We are currently working with the local authority with an amended scheme to tackle these issues. In tandem the client has been taking time to visit the neighbours and show mock-ups of what's changing and how the new proposal effects their vistas. This project is not about being unneighbourly or stealing neighbours or visitor's views."

Councillors voted to refuse the application on massing and wait for the new proposals to come back to the committee.