The owner of a popular food trailer is now hoping to set up business permanently in Helston – and he's asked people what they want to see.

The list of suggestions is enough to make your mouth water, after Garen Sharland posed the question in one of the Helston Facebook groups.

Currently he is co-owner of the Double Decadence waffle and ice cream trailers that were based in Praa Sands last summer.

However, after being unable to find a pitch to trade from this year, and his business partner unable to commit the hours, Garen hopes to move into the town centre and open a business.

He told the Packet: "It's always been a dream of mine to open my own shop. I'm currently costing up shops but I want to know what people want; at the end of the day you need them to be successful."

Garen has lived in Helston for nearly 15 years, after being posted here when in the Navy. He left due to injuries and completed a catering course at the Ashburton Chefs Academy, having already worked as a baker for Marks and Spencer, and in a TexMex shop for five years before joining the forces.

He added: "I have since become a foster carer and I have realised that in Helston there isn't anything family oriented or, if I'm honest, fun to do or eat."


One of the most popular suggestions was somewhere offering Mexican food, with 15 comments from people calling for this style of food.

Many other comments were about the need for somewhere that children and teenagers could go after school and of an evening.

One person said: "Somewhere younger people can chill out, something that's affordable would be awesome and so good for the younger generations growing up here."

Another agreed: "I would say for a small town isn’t there enough adult foodie choices?"

And a third said: "Somewhere where 16 to 18 year olds could go, because that age group have nowhere to congregate. There was a milk bar many years ago – something along that line with a retro feel juke box. The opposite to Miss Marple's tea room!"

Linking to that were a few suggestions for an American style diner or ice cream parlour selling sodas and milkshakes, although it was pointed out that Helston already has a popular milkshake business in Boo Koos, as a sideline to its burgers.

A steak house, Italian, Greek restaurant and noodle bar, or even a board game cafe, were among some of the other suggestions.

One suggested either a Cornish shop selling hot pasties, cream teas, heavy cake and saffron cake with a picnic delivery, or alternatively Thai or Jamaican food jerk chicken plantans / stripe beer veggie jerk .

Others simply believed that Garen should stick to his waffles, with one person saying: "Seeing [as] your waffles and brownies are lush why not a coffee shop with waffles and brownies and some lunch stuff on the side?"

Another agreed: "Crepes and waffles 100%. We need a good desert place local!"

Garen is hoping that any landlords who might have suitable premises for such a business will get in touch, by calling him on 07467 942679 or emailing