The Cornish arm of a climate protest group have announced they oppose the protest site chosen by authorities.

Extinction Rebellion in Cornwall have said they'll be boycotting the police-allocated protest site at Lemon Quay in Truro.

In a statement released on to social media, Extinction Rebellion (XR) Cornwall said: "Extinction Rebellion in Cornwall have no plans to organise any mass protests in Truro during the G7summit.

"We oppose the police decision to designate Lemon Quay as a location for protestors and deplore the disruption to local people, particularly the Farmers Market, that this will cause.

Devon and Cornwall Police and Cornwall Council had previously approved four sites where people could protest - The Hoe in Plymouth, Flowerpots Playing Fields in Exeter, Church Street Car Park in Falmouth, and Lemon Quay in Truro.

A spokesperson for Cornwall XR said: "It’s been an incredibly tough year for local traders and the Farmers Market has put a lot of effort into a 5 days event to try and make up some of their lost revenue.

"The police seemed to have sabotaged this for no good reason as nobody we know of is planning any sort of mass protests in Truro.

"The police should reverse this decision immediately so the Farmers Market and other events in Truro can go ahead as planned."

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As The Packet reported at the time, the news about the approved sites was always unlikely to go down well with protest groups as all of the approved protest areas are some distance from the site of summit itself.

Flowerpots Playing Fields in Exeter is over 100 miles away from the event and The Hoe in Plymouth is just under 80 miles away.

The Falmouth and Truro sites are closer, with Church street car park and Lemon Quay being just over 20 miles away.

Exintction Rebellion's statement continued: "The Resist G7 Coalition, which includes other protest groups has also made it clear that they will not be coming to Truro.

"They tweeted: "No one has asked to protest in Truro.

"It has no relevance to the G7.

"We won’t be using it and we hope everyone protesting will boycott the sites the police have offered."

When contacted by The Packet, a spokesperson for XR Cornwall said: "There's no protest planned for Truro."

Devon and Cornwall Police and Cornwall Council have been contacted for comment.