There will be more concentration on environmental issues after Falmouth voted in Labour majority town council - bucking the national trend.

The political balance now stands at ten Labour, two Conservatives, two Independent, one Lib Dem and one Green. Dean Evans is the first Green party candidate to have ever been elected to the town council.

The new Labour town councillors are: Arwenack: Emily Seiler and Zoe Young; Boslowick: Debra Clegg; Penwerris: Gerald Chin-Quee (although Gerald is a veteran of the council), Kirstie Edwards, Jayne Kirkham, who was also re-elected to the county council, and Alan Rowe. Re-elected Labour town councillors are Jude Robinson, Arwenack and Louise Coley and Brod Ross for Trescobeas.

Emily Seiler, Jude Robinson

Emily Seiler, Jude Robinson

Celebrating what is a small beacon of hope for Labour in Cornwall, Cllr Jayne Kirkham, leader of the Labour group on the county council, said the result was really positive for the party and the next four years were going to be really exciting.

“We have ten Labour councillors on Falmouth Town Council which is wonderful,” she said. “They are diverse; Seven out of ten are women and a wide age range so we want Falmouth Town Council to be representative of the people of Falmouth and I think we are getting nearer that now.

“Obviously we are not completely there so we want a lot of people’s different interests represented and we want the voice of everyone in Falmouth to be heard.

“Ultimately Falmouth Town Council is there to serve the people of Falmouth so we will be working collaboratively because that’s what we do.”

Kirsty Edwards and Emily Seiler

Kirsty Edwards and Emily Seiler

She also told the Packet there would be more of a concentration on environmental issues.

“We have a lot of very strong people with a lot of experience and knowledge on environmental matters so we will be looking at recycling projects, more environmentally based projects,” she said.

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She says they will be trying to use local businesses to keep wealth and money flowing in the local economy and making sure it is ready to apply for Government’s town fund grants when they reopen again.

"There is no leader we have decided not that formal it’s about working together for the good of the town.

“We have got lots of ideas on what we think that we would like to do,” she said.

The other councillors elected to the town council are Arwenack: Geoffrey Evans (C); Boslowick: Steve Eva (I), Dean Evans (G) and Alan Jewell (C); Penwerris: John Spargo (LD); Trescobeas: David Saunby (I).