An father-son outdoor exhibition is looking to explore one of the most common activities people took part in during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

The exhibition, which runs until May 20, will be looking at people's relationships with walking during the pandemic and has been set up at Falmouth’s Pendennis Point.

Photography student, Will McLeod, and his father, Neil, who is a former Fine Art Course Leader at Falmouth University, created photographs and drawings for the exhibition ‘A Walk In Two Places’ during the first part of this year.

Will and Neil share a love of the outdoors and, when at home in Cornwall, will often go on walks together.

With Will now studying in Bristol, and with restrictions imposed by the Covid lockdown, sharing these walks together became virtually impossible.

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So instead they came up with the idea of doing walks ‘together’ even though they were separated by 178 miles.

To this end they both went out on walks at an agreed time, usually early morning, and would walk for the same duration.

Will used a medium format film camera to record his walks and Neil a pencil and sketchbook.

They produced over 140 images and from these ten pairs were selected which were then printed back to back and hung at various spots along a walk around Pendennis Point.

One of the intriguing surprises from the ‘shared’ walks was the coincidence, or synchronicity, of images Will and Neil both produced.

The images can be seen around Pendennis Point until May 20.