Whilst most people have done their best to comply to the lockdown rules during the coronavirus pandemic, the same cannot be said for everyone – including a number of people from further up the country who decided a visit to Cornwall would be appropriate.

They included Inka Daisey King, a 19-year-old woman living in Vaughan Close, Henbury, a suburb of Bristol.

Her decision to travel to St Austell on April 9, 2020 landed her in trouble with the authorities, with her case heard at Bodmin Magistrates' Court this year.

Initially convicted in her absence back on January 27, when she was given a hefty £1,760 fine with £85 prosecution costs and a £176 surcharge to fund victim services, she applied to reopen the case in March.

The court agreed and her original conviction and sentence were set aside.

At the March 16 hearing she pleaded guilty to the offence of leaving her address at the time of All Ahallows Road in Easton, Bristol without reasonable excuse during the coronavirus emergency period and being in St Austell.

This time she was fined £64, with a £44 surcharge, and no order for costs was made.

She was one of three people to have had their cases heard at Cornwall Magistrates' Courts since January this year, for coronavirus-related offences.

Jacob William Harvey, of Polweath Road in Treneere, near Penzance, pleaded guilty to breaking the lockdown rules not once but three times in the space of eight days.

The 24-year-old was first found in Penzance on April 8, 2020 having left Chyandour Place, Penzance, the address he was then living at, without reasonable excuse during the coronavirus emergency period.

For this he was fined £26, with a £34 surcharge for victim services.

However, the court heard that just five days after the first offence Harvey was back again, this time in St Ives, on April 13, 2020, also without a reasonable excuse.

For this the magistrates fined him a further £60.

Then within a three days, Harvey had been caught by police a third time, back out again in Penzance, on April 16, 2020 which has resulted in another £60 fine.

All three charges were heard at Truro Magistrates' Court on March 9 this year.

Another person breaching lockdown rules was 44-year-old Shane Dunne, from Sunderland Terrace in London.

He admitted staying overnight in Hillgrove Mews, Newquay without reasonable excuse on June 26, 2020, eight days before lockdown easing began on July 4, 2020.

For this he was fined £64 at the Bodmin Magistrates' Court hearing on May 16 this year, together with a £34 surcharge for victim services.