For the first time in many months fans were allowed back into sports stadiums following the latest easing of restrictions from the government.

It meant that a packed crowd could head to Wendron for the St Piran League Cup semi final clash between Penryn Athletic and Illogan RBL.

But one four legged visitor was slightly too keen to get in on the action at the start of the second half.

Our live blog captured the event.

Our live blog captured the event.

As Illogan placed the football on the corner spot the pup saw its chance and sprinted away with the ball, to the disbelief of players and fans alike! 

Could the dog have been a Penryn supporter who wanted to tick down the minutes for it's side who were leading 2-1? A time wasting tactic that even the greatest managers would have been proud of.

The football eventually returned to the field of play in a significantly worse state from when it left, and a new unbitten match ball was quickly hurled onto the pitch

Fans across the country haven't been able to watch the beautiful game due to the coronavirus pandemic but it is moments like these that make it good to be back!