A 44-mile run is to take place this Sunday in memory of a popular village cat and the charity that helped him in his final days.

Since 2014 Porkellis had looked after Michael, dubbed 'the village cat,' who thanks to the help of various residents feeding him, providing outside beds, not to mention lots of fuss and treats, was able to live independently.

Mark Smitheram, who first found Michael, said: "I remember he first arrived in 2014 as a feral cat at our conservatory door, so thin and hungry with his back bones sticking up through his matted fur, and he was so scared of any human contact.

"Over many months we slowly won his trust and eventually he became a daily regular visitor, with up to three visits per day for food; however we always wondered where he went after he left us and if he had more homes like ours."

Michael had found a home, and so it continued for many happy years, but sadly tragedy was to strike.

It was reported on social media that a cat with Michael's description had been seen limping through the village and the Cat's Protection League put out a humane cat trap to try and catch him so he could get help.

"It was only at this point we found out that he also had another home in the village, only a few fields away, and they also had been caring for him for many years," said Mark.

"Sadly he had been hit by a car and broke his back, and after spending a week hiding away, the caring volunteer people of Cats Protection League Helston & Falmouth District managed to catch him and provide vet medical treatment, which cost the charity £650."

His injuries proved so serious, however, that Michael had to be put to sleep and is now buried in Mark's garden.

Now he has been inspired to fundraise for the charity that helped Michael, with a long-distance run covering more than a marathon and a half.

Mark said: "Due to Covid, the ability for the charity to fundraise has been limited and I would like to help raise some money for this charity.

"I am running 44 miles from The Lizard to Land's End on Sunday, May 30 in his memory in an event called The South West Traverse."

There are now two shelters in the village, provided by the local district Cats Protection League, for helping cats that need a new home, run by local volunteers.

There are now two shelters in Porkellis for homeless cats

There are now two shelters in Porkellis for homeless cats