Agan Tavas - The Campaign for the Cornish Language, has announced the availability of of a Cornish translation of the famous childrens’ book by Julia Donaldson - The Gruffalo.

Secretary of Agan Tavas Ray Chubb undertook the task of translating the popular novel, he said: “Translating the book presented a bit of a challenge because the English version is in rhyme and the Cornish therefore had to be made to rhyme. I wish that books of this quality had been available when I was bringing up two boys bilingually".

The Cornish version of the Gruffalo joins 105 other translations of this popular book.

It will compliment other cornish translated books Agan Tavas have published such as the Cornish edition of Everyday Words.

In Cornish the title becomes An Gruffalo.

The book sells at a price for ‘One and All’ of £4.95 and should be available soon in all good book shops or from the Agan Tavas website.