FOOTBALL fans can look forward a better pitch at Falmouth Town FC after a £2,000 grant was given towards the goal of buying a new tractor.

At a meeting of Falmouth Town Council's finance and general purposes committee last Monday (May 24), team manager Andrew Westgarth told councillors that the club's recent success meant that they needed to keep their ground in better condition.

He said the club had been successful in getting an FA grant of £14,000 towards buying a new tractor but needed another £6,000 to meet the full cost.

He said over the last six to seven years the club has made great strides on and off the field. It was now debt free and had started to upgrade the facilities from new floodlights, new grandstand roof and general maintenance around the ground.

"The club has got itself back on track," he said. "We have been quite successful on the pitch. We have also made a link with Falmouth Community Youth so there is a stepping stone into men's football.

"The one thing we have struggled on is the pitch. I have noticed that Alan [Jewell] is actually in this chat and he helps us out a lot, but the equipment we have at the moment isn't really fit for purpose.

"We have to borrow beg and have to make do with a ride on lawn mower which isn't really good for our standard of football."

He said a go-fund me page had already raised some money towards the cost.


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Cllr Steve Eva said the council had given money to rugby and had given money to sailing but he couldn't remember the football club ever coming to them for money. So therefore, even though it was a large amount, they should support it.

"If we put in £2,000 they would soon pick up the rest of the money," he said.

Cllr Alan Jewell suggested the club approach the town council to team up to buy a tractor which could be used on occasion by the council's town team. This was following an initial similar proposal from Cllr Zoe Young.

The motion to grant the club £2,000 was passed.