ENVIRONMENTAL activists Extinction Rebellion have apologised in advance to the people of Falmouth for any disruption they may cause protesting against the upcoming G7 summit.

In a letter sent to the Packet by the Falmouth and Penryn branch of the group to the people of Falmouth, they say they recognise that some disruption is 'inevitable' during the meeting of world leaders in Cornwall next month (June 9-11) but wanted to explain why.

"In June we plan to protest during the G7 Summit, this letter explains why," they say. "But before that, an apology. We know that the G7 Summit will cause disruption and it is likely that our presence will add to this.

"We have done our best to plan our actions to be peaceful, creative, artistic and Covid safe. We have also planned to minimise disruption, but believe that some is inevitable. We sincerely apologise in advance for any additional disruption that we cause."

The group says it plans a 'completely peaceful' march from Kimberley Park through the town and up to the gates of the media centre at Events Square on Saturday, June 12 meeting in the park at 11am.

"We plan to make the day enjoyable and we are actively non-violent," they say.

This June Cornwall plays host to some of the most powerful people on the planet. World leaders from the seven 'G7' countries will gather in Carbis Bay, along with the leaders of Australia, India and South Korea as invited guests. Among the main subjects they will be discussing is climate change.

Extinction Rebellion say while it is good news that the UK government has one of the toughest targets in the world for reducing carbon emissions; a 78% reduction by 2035, no one really believes they will deliver.

Businesses based within Events Square and Discovery Quay will not be open for general use from 8am on Tuesday (June 1) until 11pm on Thursday, June 17, the week after the summit.

This is while public access is unavailable to that area, as a result of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall being the International Media Centre for journalists travelling from across the world to report on the globally important occasion.


Some Falmouth businesses to shut for more than two weeks due to G7 restrictions

You can read the full letter here or in this week's Falmouth Packet.