The "devastated" community of Coverack has vowed to fight a proposal to remove the junior class at the village school.

Some residents have written to their MP, Derek Thomas, over their "dismay" at the way the news has been broken and a protest is being planned next week.

It is after plans were put forward to remove the junior classes from both Coverack and Cury schools, following a fall in numbers.

Pupils in years three to six would move to another school to finish their primary education before going the secondary school, with Mullion Primary School the chosen partner school for pupils at Cury and St Keverne School for pupils at Coverack.

However, due to the timescales involved, there is just a four-week period to make a decision and put forward a proposal to the Department of Education, if the changes are to be put in place for the new school year.

A spokesperson for the Southerly Point Co-operative Trust, the multi-academy trust that runs 17 primary schools and both the Helston and Lizard area's secondary schools, said this was the aim, to avoid disruption mid school year.


However, parent Eseld Park told the Packet: "We are absolutely devastated with this news. Parents are being put into an impossible situation as most of the other forward-looking schools in the local area are full.

"I have had no issue with the quality of teaching and care my children have received at this lovely school. However, it seems that Coverack provision has been compromised over the last few years as the canteen, wrap-around care, clubs and trips have been gradually cut.

"It's worth saying that one of the main reasons we moved back to Coverack was because of the village school. Without our school it seems more unlikely than ever that young families will consider moving into the village."

It was a concern shared by Mary Roberts, who said: "Three generations of my family went to school at Coverack. More affordable housing is needed for local people instead of millionaires' houses that will be holiday homes."

Parents are unhappy about proposals to remove the junior classes at Coverack (left) and Cury Schools

Parents are unhappy about proposals to remove the junior classes at Coverack (left) and Cury Schools

Zoe and Peter Holmes have written to Mr Thomas with their "dismay" about the proposed closure.

They claimed: "The Trust’s plan for the early years provision to be successful has not even included a single consultation with the village playgroup leaders. Given that there are 19 or so potential children moving up the year groups, and a upturn in people relocating into Cornish villages from out of county, isn’t a rushed closure of KS2 premature?

"Will parents be attracted to send their children to Coverack School if at the age of seven they must change schools? Moving schools is renowned for creating anxiety in children; will people want to add an unnecessary move into the mix when you should be able to expect to stay at the primary school you chose until Year 6?

"Coverack has had a primary school for over 100 years and to make such a significant change seems worthy of a more considered consultation period where parents and village/local stakeholders can be fairly consulted."

Parents and other members of the community plan to peacefully protest outside the school on Wednesday, to coincide with the last consultation drop-in session with the Trust.

This will take place between 3.30pm and 6pm for parents, and for parish councillors from 6pm to 7pm.

Cury School is affected by the proposals

Cury School is affected by the proposals

A drop-in consultation will also take place at Cury School this Tuesday from 3.30pm until 6pm.

Lee Dunkley, a parent of children at Mullion School, questioned the four-week consultation period, describing it "laughable."

He said: "There’s more time given for ‘public consultation’ on far less important things, like whether to issue a street trading licence to a hair-braider.

"Pupil numbers fluctuate, however when they shut down KS2 they will not reopen them, meaning when the need increases in places like Cury, the provision won’t be there like it is now."