MOTORISTS are being urged to act responsibly and respectfully, thinking about how and where they are parking and the impact on residents and the emergency services.

Cornwall Council says, as has already been seen over the bank holiday, the county is expected to be very busy this summer, putting pressures on roads and car parks.

Drivers are urged to only park in designated areas, such as car parks. If car parks are full, you can only park on roads where there are no parking restrictions in place.

Where vehicles are in contravention of parking restrictions the Council will issue Penalty Charge Notices.

On Bank Holiday Monday (May 31) alone the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers issued more than 300 Penalty Charge Notices.

Where there are no parking restrictions in place, drivers should park considerately and make sure they are not causing an obstruction to traffic, especially to larger vehicles such as buses, fire engines and ambulances.

During the G7 summit there will be extra parking restrictions in place in some areas, which are being publicised locally and online, and it is vital that these are adhered to.


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The council says inconsiderate parking causes frustration for residents and visitors and can have a major impact on how quickly blue light services are able to reach those in need of help.

Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport Philip Desmonde said: “If car parks are full, please act responsibly and consider going somewhere else.

“There is only so much room for vehicles at many locations and it’s not possible to provide more parking. If there are parking restrictions such as yellow lines, they will be enforced. If there aren’t any formal parking restrictions in place, you should still think about the impact of where you are parked on the local community and on the ability of larger vehicles and our emergency services to get through. Please be considerate and respectful.”

The council does not have powers to intervene where vehicles are causing an obstruction to the public highway; this rests with the police, who can issue Fixed Penalty Notices or remove vehicles where necessary.

A spokesperson for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said: "Motorists that are not considering if an emergency vehicle can get past are putting lives at risk by blocking off roads.

“If car parks are full, please be considerate when parking vehicles on the road.

“It’s vital that the roads are kept clear to allow access for emergency vehicles.

“Please think before you park."

More information can be found on the council’s website.