The latest recruit to Falmouth Coastguard Rescue team found herself in a sticky situation after she was called out on her first mud rescue.

Charlie Francis is the first female Coastguard Mud Rescue Technician in what is known as Coastal Area 11.

She was part of the rescue team sent to the mud flats at Tresillian, Near Truro at around ten to five on Sunday afternoon. They were sent out after receiving reports a report of a vessel stuck there.

The site took some getting too. Picture Falmouth Coastguard

The site took some getting too. Picture Falmouth Coastguard

When they got to the scene they found the boat was completely stuck in the mud around 150 meters from the shore with a man stranded inside.

Realising that unless they got him out now, the tide would not refloat the boat until 3am in the morning they decided to go in and get him out.

Charlie and a fellow specialist mud rescue technician went out to the boat and got the man safely back to shore.

Once back they enjoyed a lengthy clean-down back at the station.

This was the second mud rescue they had had to undertake this week.


Man trapped up to his knees by tidal mud spotted by dog walker

Posting on their Facebook page the team said: "Team tasked to a report of a vessel aground on the mud flats, Tresillian, Near Truro.

"Full time Senior Coastal Operations Officer S11C was also tasked.

2On scene, a vessel with one person on board was discovered very much aground, around 150 meters from shore.

"Given the state of the tide, no provisions and the fact that the gentleman would have been aground until around 0300 the following morning, it was decided to bring him to shore.

"Specialist Mud Rescue Technicians deployed to the vessel and recovered the casualty to the shore.

"Once complete, we stood down and returned to station for a lengthy clean down.

"Well done to 'Charlie' who successfully completed her first operational mud deployment as a 'Technician' on this rescue."