It's been confirmed that the Armed Forces will be providing military backup to police over the next week, while Helston navy base RNAS Culdrose also has a role. 

Scenes "like air day" was how Sunday afternoon was described as some impressive visitors arrived at Culdrose.

A thundering sound in the sky announced the arrival of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster from the USA.

People enjoying the sun in their gardens watched in amazement as the huge aircraft flew low overhead as it approached the runway of the Helston navy base.

There was much speculation as to what was onboard, but soon all became clear as two identical helicopters were offloaded from the US Airforce carrier plane.

Bearing the words 'United States of America' on the side, the green and white livery of the aircraft was adorned with the stars and stripes of the US flag.

The helicopters were from the Marine Helicopter Squadron One, a United States Marine Corps helicopter squadron responsible for transporting the President.

One of the US helicopters offloaded from the C-17 Picture: Robert Eddy/Packet Camera Club

One of the US helicopters offloaded from the C-17 Picture: Robert Eddy/Packet Camera Club

These aircraft will clearly be involved in transporting American President Joe Biden around Cornwall during the G7 Summit later this week.

Word soon got round about the international visitors and not only did the viewing enclosure become packed with plane spotters but many of the grass verges and laybys all around the navy base perimeter.

One person driving past during the early evening described it as "looking like air day"

They were rewarded by seeing the aircraft take off again, with a deafening roar in the sky.

That has not been the only unusual aircraft to be seen above the skies of Cornwall in recent days, however.

On Monday two Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys, an American tiltrotor military aircraft that is capable of both vertical take-off and landing, could also be seen at Culdrose.

It was the second visit in two months for the Osprey, which also caused great excitement when two landed at Culdrose back in April.

Two Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys in flight at Culdrose. Picture: Carl Plaister/Packet Camera Club

Two Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys in flight at Culdrose. Picture: Carl Plaister/Packet Camera Club

More arrivals also spotted have included the "Tusker Flight" made up of three RAF Chinooks and a pair of Royal Navy Wildcats, according to Helston-based aviation photographer Bob Sharples.

This afternoon (Tuesday) the Ministry of Defence has spoken about the "range of capabilities" it is providing for the summit, including naval vessels, aircraft, planning staff, logistics support, facilities and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams.

The department said: "The Armed Forces have vast experience in supporting events of this nature and will help the local police force to maintain security for the many visitors to the area and the local communities."

At the request of Devon and Cornwall Police, the MoD is providing explosives search dogs and handlers who will be under police command.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams are on standby as they are every day, and additional resources will deploy to the area for the event.

The MoD is also providing facilities to support the delivery of the summit, including RNAS Culdrose and RAF St Mawgan, and will help the police to maintain security for the duration of the summit by providing air defence capabilities. A T23 frigate, HMS Northumberland will be positioned off the coast in addition to other naval assets.

The US C-17 landed at RNAS Culdrose Picture: Robert Eddy/Packet Camera Club

The US C-17 landed at RNAS Culdrose Picture: Robert Eddy/Packet Camera Club

Coordinating the military’s contribution to the G7 Leaders’ Summit is Commander Littoral Strike Group and Joint Military Command South West, who are working closely with Devon and Cornwall Police to deliver a safe and secure summit.

Commodore Rob Pedre RN, Commander Littoral Strike Group and the head of the military operation supporting Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “Over the next week, the Armed Forces will be providing hundreds of personnel, as well as naval vessels and aircraft, to support the police in providing a safe and secure G7 Summit.

“We are proud to be involved in this monumental event, and to help enable a global forum where leading democracies will tackle the biggest issues facing the world today.”

Hundreds of Armed Forces personnel will be supporting the police force in a variety of roles, including drivers and wider logistical support. Those supporting the police are helping to free up police resources for front line roles.

Military personnel from across the armed services will also perform ceremonial duties to mark the summit, including a Guard of Honour for delegates. The Guard of Honour will feature 40 representatives from units in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, the British Army’s Coldstream Guards and Royal Air Force’s Queen’s Colour Squadron.

Superintendent Jo Hall of Devon and Cornwall Police, said: "Throughout our planning of the security operation for the G7 Leaders’ Summit, colleagues from the military, who are well versed in logistical planning, have been embedded within our team to provide essential knowledge and assistance.

“We’re glad to be joined by mutual aid officers and staff from all UK police forces and the armed services, who will be supporting the delivery of a safe and secure event.”

Mutual Aid arrangements have allowed officers from across all police forces in England, Wales and Police Scotland to be drafted to assist the existing officers on duty for Devon and Cornwall.

This will be funded by the Government so will not incur operational costs to Devon and Cornwall Police.