Cornwall Council have begun the process of closing down its Brussels-based office.

In a move that reflects the shift in policy focus from Brussels to London following the UK’s exit from the European Union, the council have begun the process of closing the office down.

With the original contract due to end in January 2022, the decision by Council Leader Linda Taylor will see the office close in September - releasing a budget of around £25,000 which the Council will use to invest in projects to support the local economy.

Conservative Council Leader, Linda Taylor, said: "Our priority is the residents of Cornwall and making our beautiful Duchy a better place to live and work.

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"Decisions are no longer made in Brussels and closing the Cornwall Brussels Office reflects this shift with decision-making now resting firmly in the UK.

"Closing the office allows us to free up funds to invest in our local economy and deliver on our promise to spend Cornish taxpayers money wisely."

In order to ensure value for money during the three-month notice period to end the contract, the Cornwall Brussels Office will focus on G7 legacy and trade and investment links, supporting Cornish stakeholders in accessing the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, and providing policy advice to Cornish businesses on the new UK-EU relationship as the UK-EU Cooperation and Trade Agreement beds in.

In its local elections manifesto, Cornwall Conservatives has made the claim that they would be shutting the Brussels office should they gain control of the council, stating the office "costs a minimum of £50,000 a year for no discernible benefit."