With more than 100 years' experience, gold-standard teaching, professional facilities, peerless connections and a vibrant creative community, Falmouth University is delivering impactful research and innovation while helping to drive Cornwall’s economy.

The University is a hub of creative thinking and design innovation. It's course portfolio represents the breadth of the Creative Industries, from art, design, performance and fashion, to business, gaming, music and film.

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Falmouth is inspiring students to harness creativity and fuse it with technology to bring about new ways of thinking, working and building. Falmouth’s graduates not only leave with real industry experience, but future-proofed skills that will prepare them for whatever opportunities arrive in the future.

Professor Anne Carlisle OBE, Vice-Chancellor & Chief Executive of Falmouth University said, "The future economy is being driven by the 'Creative Bridge'. Imagination, innovation and storytelling is needed in every sector to bring technology and ideas to life."

Falmouth Packet:

The University has a great track record of producing the next generation of innovators too, with studies showing that almost a quarter (23.5%) of Falmouth’s students become their own business leaders following graduation.

Falmouth is also using its spirit of innovation, industry connections and research into new technologies to boost established businesses in Cornwall, through programmes like Launchpad Outreach – helping to improve productivity and growth in established businesses – and Immersive Business, which enables businesses to compete locally and globally with the use of immersive technology.

Falmouth Packet: Falmouth University is creating a big impact on the local economyFalmouth University is creating a big impact on the local economy

That’s not all. A recent economic impact assessment has revealed that Falmouth contributes the equivalent of £100m to the local economy, by being a significant employer in the region, buying locally and driving skills development. This means that the University responsible for generating £1 in every £109 of economic activity in Cornwall.

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