Leaders and heads of state from around the world are meeting in Cornwall this week, and doing so under the watchful eye of Aquila at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose.

While the dignitaries fly in and out for the annual G7 Leader's Summit in St Ives, Aquila Air Traffic Management Services has been watching the skies to ensure their journeys are smooth.

Aquila is responsible for the military radar equipment across the UK, including in and around the South West of England.

The Aquila teams have been making sure that the air surveillance and communications equipment was ready and operational for the event at Carbis Bay.

Aquila maintenance engineers will be on hand at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose (RNAS Culdrose) in Cornwall 24 hours a day during the summit.

The engineers are providing rapid support for the military surveillance radar and air traffic management systems - used to control the airspace in the area - to ensure minimal impact on air traffic.

To limit unnecessary disruption to air transport during the summit, Aquila rescheduled its programme of regular maintenance of military air traffic systems in the South West of England.

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Radar and communications systems were serviced early to reduce the risk of interruption to military air traffic control capability, as the VIP flights transited in and out through the region’s airspace. Additional support has also been put in place by Aquila at key air traffic control and communications sites across the country.

It will look to ensure that Royal Air Force and Royal Naval air traffic controllers can keep UK military airspace operating smoothly and safely.

Aquila has reportedly been installing 'state-of-the'-art surveillance radar, communications and navigational aids at military sites across the UK, as part of the replacement of Armed Forces’ air traffic management systems internationally.

It is hoped the new systems will offer increased capabilities for military air traffic controllers - including greater accuracy and reliability – and conform to future international standards.

Aquila operates a Regional Support Model of equipment maintenance.

Specialist engineers provide expertise on various air traffic communications, navigation and surveillance equipment for sites across a region of the UK or the world.

The Aquila Operations Team based at RNAS Culdrose is being bolstered for the duration of the event to provide round-the-clock support.