Environmental activists dressed as Boris Johnson and an oil tycoon set light to a Viking ship last night close to where G7 leaders are staying.

The boat had a sail bearing the words ‘As the sea dies we die' and was within sight of the Tregenna Castle hotel at Carbis Bay where delegates to the G7 summit are staying.

Ocean Rebellion said it symbolised the "death of our oceans," which they claim is being caused by marine acidification from burning oil and gas, and pollution from toxic chemicals and plastic.

Sophie Miller, of Ocean Rebellion, said: "Kill the oceans and we can kiss goodbye to a stable climate. And without a stable climate our societies will collapse."

Rob Higgs, also of Ocean Rebellion, explained: "The burning boat represents the death of our oceans. The seas are dying.

"Ocean Rebellion demands the UK government prioritises genuine, rigorous and effective action on climate and nature breakdown at the G7 rather than ongoing empty promises and waffle.’

And Daisy Pearson of Ocean Rebellion said: "People don’t realise how close we are to irreversible ocean tipping points. We need to think about the seas as a part of ourselves. Our health and survival is bound to the health and survival of the ocean.

"As well as being crucial to regulating the temperature of the earth, approximately three billion people in the world rely on the seas for their primary source of protein. Our disregard of the ocean means they are suffering, now."